Friday, June 27, 2008

Orange Beach 2008

We had a great time at the beach. By Thursday I was getting a little tired. Will normally tries to come down for a few days but it just didn't work out this year. Jake loved the beach and Emma Grace did to until about the 3rd day. She got stung by a Jellyfish, so she was pretty much down with the ocean after that. This year the jelly fish were really really bad!! We still had a great time! Below are some of my favorite pictures.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Orange Beach Here we come!!!!

We leave for the beach tomorrow and will be back next Sunday. I hope everyone has a great week!!
P.S. the blonde kids are my nieces and nephew.

Happy Birthday to Emma Grace

We had Emma Grace's 5th Birthday Thursday at the pool that we belong to. She had a great time. It was so so hot, but the kids didn't seem to care. Will post more pictures if someone can let me know how to make the photo collage!! I have never done one before.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old Macdonald had a farm......

I got to thinking that since I had the new camera and needed to take some shots with it. I would take a few pictures of what we have down on the farm, besides tractors.

guineas, really really dislike these things. They make way to much noise
Some of our cats are a little scary!!

Day old baby kittens

We have 4 horses

We have tons and tons of chickens!!

I didn't get pictures of the pigs, ducks, goat and the momma and baby cow.


This week I have been testing out my new camera. I finally broke down and bought a rebel. I am still learning how to work it, but I do like it. The weather has been hot his week, but there has been a very nice Breeze. So we have been going down to the farm. Hear are a few pics, I took with my camera.

Emma Grace is so proud of herself for catching a baby chick by herself.
Jake loving on pepper
New sunglasses to take to the beach. Cool HUH!!