Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

I turned thirty yesterday. I can't believe that I am 30, and will have 4 kids. I had a great birthday,not much celebrating since getting very uncomfortable. My mother in law did cook me supper and gave the kids a bath. Anybody that have been pregnant knows that bathing is a big deal. It kills my back , so anytime that I don't have to do it a huge plus.
Went to the doctor yesterday also. Had a sonogram and everything looked great. Rex is weighing 4lbs. and Sally is 3lbs 12 oz. She said that was good that Rex weighed a little more, since he is the male. We picked a date for the twins to arrive. She will take them on Oct. 7th, unless they come early. She seems to think I will make it that far, so we hope so.
I want them to be here, but want them to be the healthiest that they can be, so maybe no long stay in the hospital for them. I will start going to the doctor once a week for now on. Will keep everyone posted. Please say prayers for me, as this is going to be a huge change and challenge.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of K-5

Emma Grace has finally started school. I did not get upset, I guess because she didn't. She was so excited and this will actually be her first full week. They started last Wed. but just a half day and then went all day of Thursday and Friday. Jake and I really don't know what to do with ourselves, but I am sure that I will be able to find something in about 9 weeks.

I can't believe that the twins will be here in such a short time. I have been trying to buy little odds and ends, like clothes, bottles, and diapers. Those kinds of things. It is still very shocking to me to believe that I am going to have 4 kids, and two of those at the same time. Doing everything at the same time. Little bit on the scared, nervous side.

Back Tracking

I know these pictures are a little late, but I wanted to show you VBS. Emma Grace had a a great time. Our church is small, but we go all out for decorations. In the hallway they had built a bridge like at the beach.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am hosting a Chez Ami show. Yes, I used to rep the line but since becoming pregnant with twins, an my trunk dates were n the middle of the pregnancy, my sister has taken over. S, I am hosting a show. These are just a few of the lines that you can order. If anyone would like to order you can order online or email me your order. You will need my I.D. # 222008 and my sister's I.D 270150. Hope you can all find something cute to put on your children. Thanks!! you can order through Sunday night.

Babies Names

So we finally decided on baby names instead of baby A and B.
The boy is William Rex Rutherford, and we will call him Rex. For those of you who don't know my daddy's name is Rex. The girl is Sally Elizabeth Rutherford, and we will call her Sally. Elizabeth is on both sides of the family, but it was my mom's middle name. It makes me sad to know that my mom was not around to see my four precious children, but I know that she is smiling down on them everyday. I never thought that I would have kids that my mother wouldn't get to enjoy. Well, on to a little happier note........ So there you have it Rex And Sally.
Doesn't Rex Rutherford sound like a little cowboy!! HeHe!!

Also, Emma Grace will start school in one week. I know that she is ready and some days I am ready for her to go but others it makes me really sad. She is getting so big. I hope to post pictures of VBS school soon. She had a great time.