Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Twins are..............

A BOY and a GIRL.
We are so excited. We will have two of each. When we first found out we were having twins, i didn't really want different sexes. But, I have changed my mind. I am so excited. Now, they will have there own little identity and not look alike. It is really like I am having 2 kids just on the same day, not twins. Does that make sense. Everything looked good on the sonogram. He is a little bigger than her but not by much. the both are measuring around 9 ounces. I will try to upload the video of the sonogram, I have never done a video. So it might take me a while.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hospital Stay

Saturday Emma Grace had Dance Rehearsal. Her recital was yesterday. Will had Jake at the levee working the cows. Emma Grace and I took lunch out there are ate. Well, On the way home I got sick, and thought well maybe I got to hot. NOPE!! Took a little nap and woke up around 3:00 and did not stop throwing up until we got to the hospital at 7:45. The doctor thinks that I might have had food poisoning. It was a nightmare. Emma Grace recital was Sunday and we go back to Rolling Fork at 12:30, she had to be at the gym at 1:00, dressed. I took shower and we finally got there. But I got no picture, except video. I felt to bad, to do anything. Thank goodness for my Mother-in Law. She got her ready and to the gym on time. I just wanted to see her dance, so at least I got to go. I hate that I did not get any pictures.

Rain Rain Go Away!!

Well, we had a very busy weekend. Thursday started out very yucky. We got 7 1/2 inches and when you live in the flat land that is not what you want. We had several fields under water, as well as my back yard.

This is my back yard. The kids have on rubber boots, but they are really pointless.

Jake loves water. It was like Christmas for him. If there is a water hole in the street he wants you yo ride through it. It keep saying, " Watch Jake". He was very funny!! He had a a blast!!

These big nasty worms were all over my yard. I hate these worms!! Yuck

This is the side yard of our house.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby Pigs

We have 9 new baby pigs. They are so cute. Emma Grace wanted to hold one. So I told her if she could catch she can, but be careful because if it hollers, the momma will come to make sure it is o.k. So you can see the panic in her face. she kept saying HURRY HURRY!! the momma pig won't hurt you but she was scared the pig was going to holler. They were just a few hrs. old and She wanted to bring one home. I told here that is why we have the farm.

Not my 3 sons!!

How cute are these 3 boys!! Those are my sister's boys. I had to go to Jackson, and the kids and I spent the night at my dad's house. My sister spent the night with me because my dad was at the beach. My dad at the beach?? Haha!! yep, sue has a condo down in Gulf shores, and no we have never been to stay. What is up with that. I would love a little vacation!! the first picture Jake did not have a nap and fell asleep about 6:00, he had just enough of a cat nap not to be cranky when the boys finally got there.

Swimming in the Cow Water!!

This is out at the levee. Jake holding a cow Patty!!

I was downloading some pictures and I do have some pictures to post. About a month ago, we went out to the levee because we have cows out there and a mama cow had a hurt leg. anyway, when we got back to the farm, Will thought that it would be fun to put the kids in the cows drinking water. How red neck is that. And GROSS , by the way. The kids had a blast and thought it was so fun. So oh well.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Still Sick

I know that it has been forever since I last posted. YEP..... still sick. I am really hoping that is starts to trickle off soon. I thought that I was getting a little bit better but have been sick the past couple of days. We go next week for a DR.Appt. and I am hoping that they will do a sonogram so that I can't find out what they are. I am ready to know . Well, Have a great weekend. Would post pictures but I have none since I can't really do anything. HA