Sunday, September 30, 2007

FREE layouts

I was looking at a friends blog and came across this blog that has FREE Blog layouts. She has some really cute ones. You should check it out if you like to change the look of your blog every know and then.

This kid is ALL BOY!!!!

Jake waiting on his spoon for his "ICE Ceam" No r.

After he fell in the mud puddle!

I forgot about these pictures that I took last weekend at the farm. We cooked out at the farm for Will's sister birthday. Needless to say it rained. We ended up eating in the house and then the kids played in the puddles. Jake is all boy. His favorite thing to do at the farm is to push all the toy tractors that are down there. He will go off by himself (within watching distance) and just push tractors all over the farm. He does not have a care in the world.
He has been sick this week. I had a horrible cough and sore throat that I guess he got, but he did have a low grade phenomena. Not bad enough to be in the hospital. Wheww!!
Note to all Mothers: If your child has never had an x-raybefore, be so grateful. It was the worst thing that I had to do. I started crying because my little boy was in this capsule thing and I had to hold his arms up while he was looking at me and thinking, why are you keeping me in this thing. I hope I never have to do that again. I hope everyone has a great week!!! :)

Monday, September 24, 2007


I know that I am a little partial to Chez Ami since I rep the line. But, for those not familiar with Chez Ami, is this not the cutest stuff you have ever seen? This is just a sneak peek at what the Spring 2008 line is going to look like. The girls are the boys lines are adorable, and I can't wait to get my trunks in and see all the clothes. Of course, I will be waiting until FEB. but still can't wait. WOOHOO!!!! If anybody would like to host in home or catalog party, please let me know. There are wonderful incentives for hosting a show. You can still order for the Fall. They have great Christmas outfit's and PJ's!!!
Well, for some reason it will not let me save the girls image to post. I will try again later.

Monday, September 17, 2007

We Have a New Addition.........AGAIN

Jake and Cinco

Well, We have a new puppy. Let me give you a background on the Rutherford animals. For anyone one who has a weak stomach or don't like to hear about animals dying then do not read the following. Will and I have been married 6 yrs. and we have had 5 dogs. YEP 5. Is that not sad. The first of the dogs got into poison, the second got shredded in a cotton shredder, her name was ABBY and she was really my first child but we will move on the the next one. Susie #2, the very first dog was a susie also. Well, shejust disappeared one day and we never saw her until today. There is a farm house at the farm and Will had to crawl under the house and well, there was the dog. Been dead two years. YUCK. Next dog was Reb short for Rebel. Will name that dog and I never understood since we both went to Miss. State. She died about 2 months ago when it was so hot from a heat stroke.
So we are know on dog number 5. The dogs name is CINCO, that is 5 in spanish. I hope that you all don't think we are awfull to our dogs, we just have very bad luck with LABS!! So maybe cinco will live longer that 2 yrs.

Maybe my next post will be a little more upbeat, and not so sad.

P.S To Susie L. : The name Susie is some kind of name for a duck or bird something, which is why will named her that. I thought he just liked the name Susie. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is a friend of mine that is a teacher but also has her own stationary line. Well, usually about once a week or so she will put something on sale. This is this weeks item, is that not the cutest thing and they are $5.00 for 30 labels. Woohoo. She has such cute stationary at really great prices. She has address labels,bag tags, waterproof labels, notepads. Go check out her website for more items

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Joining the Blog World

So Finally decided to join the blogging world. I am still trying to get the hang of this, so you will have to bear with for a while. I love checking my friends blogs and so I thought it only fair to start one myself.
Not much going on around here in small town USA. Will is trying to finish up with harvesting, but the weather is not being very helpf
ul. And, about 3 weeks ago the combine that we had just bought burned to the ground and my son was on it. the thing went up in flames about 30 seconds before Jake got off. So that was not fun.

Kaitlin and Emma Grace at Princess's On Ice

Last weekend me and a friend took the girls to see The Disney Princess's On Ice, and to the Memphis zoo the next day. We had a great time. Well, I hope everyone enjoys the blog.

Memphis Zoo