Thursday, August 20, 2009

Emma Grace's first day of First Grade!!!

Can it be that I have a child in the 1st grade already!! So far she loves the 1st grade. Other than E.G Starting school nothing much going on. Will is busy in the field, and getting up early and coming home late. I am just happy to be back in some sort of routine!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Warning... post was written a few months ago!!

O.k so I know that the post are from forever aago, but was tired of trying to get the blog in order of events. So Really I need to post a few pics from Grad. and our BEACH trip.
We had a great time. It was wild, with & kids, ages 8,7,6,5,3,and (2) 8 month old. So I know nobody was jealous they didn't get to go with us. Wild, wild,wild. But I will say that Rex, and Sally did awesome. Had maybe 2 bad nights out of 7 not bad.
I still can't believe that in a few weeks, E.G. will be in 1st grade. I am feeling sad, and well old. Jake is going through a very whiney stage. It is testing my patience really bad, but we shall get through this also.
Rex and Sally are 9 months old. I am dreading when they learn to walk. Seriously I am. Talk about testing patience. I will say that Sally's first word was..... get ready for it. MOMMA, haha. I got one to say momma, before daddy. Rex has said DADA. O well. They are really wonderful babies. They go to be by 9 and sleep till 9. Jealous much!! I will say that maybe my only thing that I am wondeful at is getting my babies to sleep. Because everyone knows if momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy!! :)
I promise I will try to be better about posting and getting pics up. I am going to try to get some sleep now. The next pics will be of the beach. I think that is the most updated pics of the kids. Have a great week everyone!!!
If I have repeated myself or made typos it's because it is almost 1:00a.m.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

*****Warning Long Post**** well lots of pictures

This is E.G's little friend Brennan.....who by the way E.G. says his her Boyfriend!! haha

Sorry that I have been MIA. I have been super busy since all kids are at home with me all day. Emma grace had a end of the year swimming party, (pics to follow). Emma Grace also graduated from kindergarten. It was just a cute little ceremony. They were little red robes, it was very special for me and Will because Emma Grace wore the same one that Will graduated in when he was at SIA. So cute so that is why her's looks different from the other's. Will try to get some pics of that up later.

Memorial Day weekend we had a cookout at the farm with Will's sister and kids. We had a great day and the weather was great, I think that I only took one picture that day. Since all the kids have been home with me, I have me a girl that has graduated and she helps me 2 days a week, so that I can keep my sanity. Well, what is left of it. She is great, she has a little experience since she has 9 other brothers and sisters. Yep, and her momma was an only child. Isn't that crazy. I will be more sad when she leaves probably than her momma.

I have been getting ready for Emma Grace's 6th birthday. I can' t believe that she will be 6 yrs. old. She is growing up way to fast. She is having a flip flop party. We a rerenting a huge water slide. I just hope the weather is good. Her party is next Friday and then that Sunday we leave for the beach. Woohoo, babies and all. It will be a wild trip but I sure we can handle it.

This past week she had Bible school. This is a funny jake story. My mother-in-law was in charge of the music and they had a little time before they went to the next activity and she asked it anyone had a song that they wanted to sing and Jake says yes. He starts singing "She's country", the Jason Aldean song. Haha!!!

So now a funny Emma Grace story!! We will be a the beach on her real birthday, and I told her that we were going to go out to eat that night, and where would she like to go. So she says, " you know the place that has the thing that lights up and vibrate thing that tells you when your table is ready." I told her that there were lots of places like that. She just wants the vibrating thing!! haha!!

Now on to the other babies. They are 8 months old and so fun. They are both on the move so there are no days that are not interesting around this house. Sally, thinks jake is wonderful, he laughs at him all the time. Rex is still laid back and just whatever, but they really are fun.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

So we had a wonderful Easter. I feel so blessed to have a happy healthy family. I would not trade all the sleepless night, teenage drama, driving, and going off to college for anything in this world. I love my family.

The last 2 pictures of the Easter baskets are Rex ant
Sally. Emma Grace and Jake both have one also. They are special because I still have mine that I got from the commissary. It started when my niece was born, that is what I got her for her First Easter and Nana ( will's mom) started buying the all the grand kids one for Easter. She also get them the wooden eggs and has painted on them kind of what they are into that yr. Like grace has a ladybug and Jake has one in a tractor. It has their names and yr on them. So cute, the kids love getting them out when it is Easter time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

6 Months

I really cannot believe that I have 2 6 month old already. They went to the doctor on Monday and had to get 3 shots which for one baby is not bad but when you have it times 2 it really breaks your heart. Although they didn't cry too bad.
They are growing like weeds. Rex is weighing 16.8 and 27 inches long, and Sally is 16.3 and 26 1/2 inches long. We were worried about Sally when she was just born, but she has obviously caught up.
Emma Grace has a Easter egg hunt tomorrow at the farm with her class and I am so excited. Just hope that the rain holds off. Will post pictures. This past Saturday, Emma grace wanted to make something so we decided to make some Easter cards, but my printer started acting funny with the pictures that we took so we didn't get to but I thought that the pictures that I took, turned out pretty cute.

Also, I really can't believe that in 2 months that I will have a 6 yr old, that CRAZY. She is still trying to decide what kind of party that she wants. We will see!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rainy Days

It has been raining here and our yard floods on one side, so the kids had a blast playing in the water. The pictures of Jake are so funny because his pants got so wet that they kept falling off and he was getting mad at me because I was taking pictures of him.

Then he fell and told me he could not get up so he just stayed on the ground fussing at me to get him up.

Also, finally got a picture of Rex's teeth. I can't believe that I have one child loosing teeth and one getting them and they are in the same spot. Ha!!

Love that picture of Sally. That is the best kind of baby......sleeping. No really they are both great babies. The lord new that if he was going to give me 4 kids that the last 2 needed to be VERY good babies. They are so happy.

They never fuss unless tired or hungry. Who could ask for more.

Love the picture of Jake and Emma Grace in the launrdy basket.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Poor little Rex feel asleep in the jumperoo. He loves that thing. He just wants to be upright. I know once he can sit up he will be so happy!!
Just had to throw the bath tub picture in there. They have gotten to big for the baby tub.