Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Warning... post was written a few months ago!!

O.k so I know that the post are from forever aago, but was tired of trying to get the blog in order of events. So Really I need to post a few pics from Grad. and our BEACH trip.
We had a great time. It was wild, with & kids, ages 8,7,6,5,3,and (2) 8 month old. So I know nobody was jealous they didn't get to go with us. Wild, wild,wild. But I will say that Rex, and Sally did awesome. Had maybe 2 bad nights out of 7 not bad.
I still can't believe that in a few weeks, E.G. will be in 1st grade. I am feeling sad, and well old. Jake is going through a very whiney stage. It is testing my patience really bad, but we shall get through this also.
Rex and Sally are 9 months old. I am dreading when they learn to walk. Seriously I am. Talk about testing patience. I will say that Sally's first word was..... get ready for it. MOMMA, haha. I got one to say momma, before daddy. Rex has said DADA. O well. They are really wonderful babies. They go to be by 9 and sleep till 9. Jealous much!! I will say that maybe my only thing that I am wondeful at is getting my babies to sleep. Because everyone knows if momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy!! :)
I promise I will try to be better about posting and getting pics up. I am going to try to get some sleep now. The next pics will be of the beach. I think that is the most updated pics of the kids. Have a great week everyone!!!
If I have repeated myself or made typos it's because it is almost 1:00a.m.