Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I almost forgot. Went to the doctor yesterday and they weighed the babies. Baby boy is 2.6 lbs. and Baby girls is 2.2 lbs. She said even though he is a little bigger it is o.k because it is not by much.
She said everything looked great and that I will start coming every two weeks, which is going to make the last 3 months fly by.

I wanted to say sorry for the lack of posts and pictures. Not much has been going on. We are having VBS, this week, so I hope to get some pictures from that. Also, I think that we have decided on names for the twins. I will keep you posted on that. Take care and more pictures to come, promise.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Doodlebugs stationary on sale!!

My friend Kacey who owns Doodlebugs stationary is always having sales and giveaways. Check her site tomorrow, she will be listed another giveaway. Everybody loves a FREE giveaway. If you win!! Haha!! Check out her other great Summer items, they are adorable!!

A fun design for everyone!
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On sale for $5.00.