Monday, February 18, 2008


I know that it has been forever since I have posted. This house has been contaminated with the stomach virus. We have all had it and the kids have had the croup (spelled). My kids don't get ear infections we get the horrible cough where they can't breath. They got this from me, I still get it. So , things are moving along here in the BIG RF. We have had a few things going on.
We did get to go to the rodeo, and that was lots of fun. Jake had a great time except for the loud fireworks. He didn't like that so much. The band that played that night was Little Big Town and they all signed Emma Grace's cowgirl hat. She has an awesome hat. WHY you ask? Well, dierks bentley has signed it and Jamie Oneal and the famous Liseal. I have no idea how you spell that clowns name, but he is awesome. I have decided just to keep taking her hat to the rodeo every year and get the entertainment to sign it. We sit in the same place every year and it is right above where the band enter to the stage. I am way more into it than Emma Grace. I am so Star struck. HEHE!!
So now down to some picture enjoy!!

This is Emma Grace's friend Harlie Beth!!

The girl with Emma Grace is Libby. She shows cows for 4H and is practically part of the family!!

I forgot to mention the 4-H show we had down at the farm. Lester Spell came and for those who don't know who that is, he is the commissioner of Agriculture. I thought it was very nice of him to be there to support the 4H organization!! They let the little ones show goats and sheep. the judges pretend to judge them, but they all get ribbons. Emma Grace loves it, and last yr. she made the front page of the RF paper. You are big time if you make the paper. HEHE!!
O.k it is 12:15, blogger was having issues. I started this about an hr. ago.
I promise to finish. I have tons of picture to show. Be back soon!!


Kim Sue said...

Hi Amanda. I feel like I know you already. I am Kacey's sister. I wanted to say thanks for Carly's book. She loves to read and Judy Moody is one of her favorites and by a stroke of luck you sent the ONE book in the series that she does not have. Look forward to checking in with you more. We use to go to Dixie National every year when I was growing up...Loved it!

Josh and Kristi Williams said...

My stuff erased on my blog too. I had to redo everything. And I don't remember how I put the lilypie on there. Sorry I'm of no help. Hope all is well. Love the pictures of your cuties!