Monday, October 13, 2008


Lila, Emma Grace, Mills, Jake and Mary Patton. Waiting the arrival of twins!!

Waving to momma while in surgery. I could see them, which helped calm the nerves of bit.

Rex and Sally first appearance


Rex and Sally

Well, they are finally here. They were born on October 7th. Rex was born at 1:00 and Sally at 1:02 p.m. Everything went perfect. They never had to go to NICU and went straight to the well babies.
Rex was 6lbs 10 oz. and 19 inches long
Sally was 5lbs. 13 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long.
We all came home Friday afternoon. Everything has been an adjustment but we are all doing great. They are eating and sleeping great. Emma grace loves her sister and Jake wants his brother. I will post a few pictures and then try to get some more up later on. Thanks to everyone for all you thoughts and prayers. Will and I really believe that was the reason they we were blessed with 2 healthy, happy and beautiful babies. And that we had such an easy delivery.


Kim Sue said...

I spent a few days with Kacey and she told me they were here. Glad all went well. They are beautiful. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Kristi Williams said...

They are so cute! I'm glad everything went well. They were born on our anniversary! Can't wait to see more pictures.

Mysti Chustz said...

they are absolutely beautiful Amanda!!! Will defintitely keep you in our prayers in the days to come as I know there are so many adjustments going on!! Hang in there and know that God is so faithful- He didn't bring you this far to desert you now! said...

YEA! I am so glad you shared! I have been checking for updates.

I need to come see you and bring all your stuff- but I have been putting it off trying to let you get adjusted a little more.

Susie and Joe said...

congratulations amanda!! they are so sweet! i am so glad to hear that all went so well! amazing! i can't wait to see more pictures! will be praying for you all!

Angie Haraway said...

They are precious!! Let the fun begin! It is so amazing to watch two babies grow together!!
What a blessing!!

Rachel said...

Praise the Lord...they are so precious! Congratulations to you:) Know that I am praying for you and this adjustment ahead. What a sweet, sweet blessing! Keep the pictures coming (as if you have a spare moment--hee!hee!)

Todd, Story and Hudson said...

That is incredible! What a woman you are!! They are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more!