Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

So we had a wonderful Easter. I feel so blessed to have a happy healthy family. I would not trade all the sleepless night, teenage drama, driving, and going off to college for anything in this world. I love my family.

The last 2 pictures of the Easter baskets are Rex ant
Sally. Emma Grace and Jake both have one also. They are special because I still have mine that I got from the commissary. It started when my niece was born, that is what I got her for her First Easter and Nana ( will's mom) started buying the all the grand kids one for Easter. She also get them the wooden eggs and has painted on them kind of what they are into that yr. Like grace has a ladybug and Jake has one in a tractor. It has their names and yr on them. So cute, the kids love getting them out when it is Easter time.