Monday, September 17, 2007

We Have a New Addition.........AGAIN

Jake and Cinco

Well, We have a new puppy. Let me give you a background on the Rutherford animals. For anyone one who has a weak stomach or don't like to hear about animals dying then do not read the following. Will and I have been married 6 yrs. and we have had 5 dogs. YEP 5. Is that not sad. The first of the dogs got into poison, the second got shredded in a cotton shredder, her name was ABBY and she was really my first child but we will move on the the next one. Susie #2, the very first dog was a susie also. Well, shejust disappeared one day and we never saw her until today. There is a farm house at the farm and Will had to crawl under the house and well, there was the dog. Been dead two years. YUCK. Next dog was Reb short for Rebel. Will name that dog and I never understood since we both went to Miss. State. She died about 2 months ago when it was so hot from a heat stroke.
So we are know on dog number 5. The dogs name is CINCO, that is 5 in spanish. I hope that you all don't think we are awfull to our dogs, we just have very bad luck with LABS!! So maybe cinco will live longer that 2 yrs.

Maybe my next post will be a little more upbeat, and not so sad.

P.S To Susie L. : The name Susie is some kind of name for a duck or bird something, which is why will named her that. I thought he just liked the name Susie. :)


Emily, Stephen, and Maddox Greer said...

OH MY.... let's hope Cinco lasts a little longer!!! I would be so sad if I had that many dogs die!

Rachel said...

Hey sweet friend! So glad to hear from you on my blog:) I totally see what you mean about "mini-me"!! Little Emma Grace is just a little Amanda if I've ever seen one! She is precious and so is Jake:) SO glad to see you are doing well. Okay...thought Cinco was a guinea pig and it brought back memories of my childhood! My best wishes go out to Cinco...for a long and healthy life!!
Much love---Rachel

Susie and Joe said...

hey... i was feeling all good that you liked me so much you decided to name two dogs after me!!!!!!! oh well! you just made me laugh so hard. love your dog commentary. you sure do have some bad doggy luck. i hope cinco (another cute name!)is around long enough to enjoy! i too wasn't sure if it was a dog or a gp?! i love jake's tshirt, noah has a green one that says "rough and tough"...oh so true!