Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scooby,Dooby, DOO!!!!!

Emma Grace's wig had already come off and it is just sitting on her head!!

O.K. So it has been a very long time since my last post. Things have been crazy with Will picking Cotton which means I get very little if any help during this time of the year. Makes for very long days. Also, two weeks ago Emma Grace got the stomach virus and the 4 days later I got it and then the day after I got it Will got it. I think the only plus is that Jake did not get it and I got sick at a good time( if there is every a good time0 but it had rained for about 3 days which meant will had the kids for 2 days in the house. Will being in the house longer than 3 hrs about kills him so you can imagine that he was going stir crazy.
Of course, I am thinking you are only getting a taste of what Stay at home moms do everyday. But really, He works extremely hard and I would not be able to SAH with my kids if not for that.
Well, I hope everyone had a safe Halloween. Emma Grace was Daphne and Jake was Scooby Doo. I thought they were soooooo cute. We had a great time. You know you are from the south when your father-in-law hitches a trailer loaded with hay to the polaris and we trick or treat around town. Forget walking with 2 kids and making sure they don't get run over. We had a great time. Jake would say trick or treat about halfway up the driveway and then get to the door with sucker in mouth and say "BAG". He just want the Goods. We have candy for days.
It is a good thing that Jake's 2nd Birthday party is Sunday because all the kids will be getting tons of candy in their goody bags. Well, I guess that is about it. Promise to do better about blogging. Take Care!!!!
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Susie and Joe said...

great story! glad your back! i love hearing what life is like in rf! so cool! it would be so fun to visit you! glad yall are on the mend!