Monday, January 7, 2008

****Better Late than Never****

This is from Christmas Eve. He didn't even make it through the Christmas service. He had just a big day. We open Presents at Nana and Papa's house ( Will's Parents)!

I know it is a little past Christmas, but I had to post a couple of pictures from Christmas morning. Santa brought Jake a John Deere tractor and Emma Grace an Enchanted Princess Vanity Set. The princess's actually show up in the mirror and talk to you. How FUN!!! She loves it!!!!
Oh!! By the way, if you notice the HUGE Bump on Emma Grace's Head. That is from the Sat. before Christmas. She and Will were throwing a Frisbi, (not sure how to spell that). Well, he threw it and it hit her right between the eyes, this Frisbi was not normal. It was hard as a brick around the edges. It has been 2 weeks since it happened and she still has a black eye. Is was really bad.

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whooo hooo for the pictures!! Sorry to hear about EG head! I know it had to hurt (both her and dad!!)
Looks like you had a great Christmas!!
Happy New Year!