Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Randon Pictures

These 2 pictures are of Jake playing with milk. I walk in and he starting singing " Splish Splash"
He thought he was pretty funny!!

This is the Valentine's day picture that I sent to family members!! I bought one of those foam kits, that has everything, she made everybody valentine's Very good craft for about $5.00
This is a gift that my friend Erica sent me for Valentine's. She is so sweet and always goes above and beyond.
Remember the Valentine swap that I decided to do. these are the things that I sent her. That was fun, but i forgot to take a picture of what I got. i love to get a surprise in the mail!!!!


kacey@doodlebugspaper.com said...


First of all ...love the new look! It totally rocks!

Second..I have not blogged in forever.. so I am so excited to see several posts from you!

Third..Erica sent me a fabulous bucket of goodies too!! She is so sweet!!

Fourth.. I love the rodeo and have not gone in about 3 years! I miss it! Little Big Town would have been fun to see.

Fifth..I am NOT at all surprised to see baby chicks in your house. You always have animals :o)

And SIXTH.. there really isn't anything else except I am really glad to see you blogging :o)

I think I am going private with my personal blog.. so I will send you an invite.