Monday, May 19, 2008

Hospital Stay

Saturday Emma Grace had Dance Rehearsal. Her recital was yesterday. Will had Jake at the levee working the cows. Emma Grace and I took lunch out there are ate. Well, On the way home I got sick, and thought well maybe I got to hot. NOPE!! Took a little nap and woke up around 3:00 and did not stop throwing up until we got to the hospital at 7:45. The doctor thinks that I might have had food poisoning. It was a nightmare. Emma Grace recital was Sunday and we go back to Rolling Fork at 12:30, she had to be at the gym at 1:00, dressed. I took shower and we finally got there. But I got no picture, except video. I felt to bad, to do anything. Thank goodness for my Mother-in Law. She got her ready and to the gym on time. I just wanted to see her dance, so at least I got to go. I hate that I did not get any pictures.


Susie and Joe said...

poor thing. i hope you are feeling better. love all the new updates. i just love seeing your life on the farm. it is so neat. emma grace's face is priceless holding that pig!

joe and i watched pretty woman friday night and i thought about you so much! take care of you!