Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

I turned thirty yesterday. I can't believe that I am 30, and will have 4 kids. I had a great birthday,not much celebrating since getting very uncomfortable. My mother in law did cook me supper and gave the kids a bath. Anybody that have been pregnant knows that bathing is a big deal. It kills my back , so anytime that I don't have to do it a huge plus.
Went to the doctor yesterday also. Had a sonogram and everything looked great. Rex is weighing 4lbs. and Sally is 3lbs 12 oz. She said that was good that Rex weighed a little more, since he is the male. We picked a date for the twins to arrive. She will take them on Oct. 7th, unless they come early. She seems to think I will make it that far, so we hope so.
I want them to be here, but want them to be the healthiest that they can be, so maybe no long stay in the hospital for them. I will start going to the doctor once a week for now on. Will keep everyone posted. Please say prayers for me, as this is going to be a huge change and challenge.

2 comments: said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

Todd, Story and Hudson said...

Happy Birthday. I cannot believe that you will be having twins and are still so active. You are the woman!