Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Morning!!

This was actually the day after Christmas. They were sitting in the box that I was trying to pack Christmas back in. They were playing great together!!
Jake loves loves loves Thomas the Train

New Bike

E.G. Got her RED Nintendo DS!!

We had a great Christmas beside the fact that my niece had the Flu. We normally have Christmas will my in laws on Christmas Eve, but with my niece being sick, it was just us. It was not fun we missed everybody. It was to calm at Nana's house, we needed the noise. So Nana and Papa went to Jackson to give the Murphy's their Christmas gifts.

So on Christmas day, Nana and Papa came to out hosue on Christmas day to see the kids gifts and to eat breakfast with us. My dad, step mom, and my sister and family came to our house. Well, Christmas day started out great, then Emma Grace feel asleep at about 10:00 that mornign which is not like her at all. So after lunch off to the ER we go which is the only thing that you have when you live iln Small town. I was scared that she might have the Flu since she had been around her Cousin who had the Flu. So we get to the ER and she starts acting fine. She had fever at home and it had gone down by the time we got to the ER. So he did the Flu test, which was negative and then did a strep test, which was negative. So basically I paid about $500.00 for him to tell me she had a cold. But, if i had not taken her she would have had the Flu. Other than eveyone being sick, we had a great Christmas.